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Most of us are aware the we need to change our oil every 3 months or 3000 miles in most instances. What you might not be aware of is the fact that you need to change the "other oils" at certain intervals as well. What "other oils" you ask? Did you know that besides motor oil most vehicles have oils more commonly referred to as fluids? Transmission fluid, power steering fluid,

radiator fluid  (antifreeze), differential oil, transfer case oil and brake fluid that all need changed at intervals outlined in the recommended maintenance section of your owners manual.


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Performance Exhaust

This is the service for which Hogan Muffler & Brake is most widely known. Curt and Kevin Hogan have been heavily involved in most areas of the automotive hobby for the last 35 years. From local drag racing, to building, restoring and showing classic cars, muscle cars, street rods and trucks, the Hogan’s have done it all. From this love of all things auto has grown a work ethic and attention to detail that is seldom found in the repair business. Now a new crop of Hogans have evolved to continue the same quality and service you have been finding at Hogan Muffler and Brake since 1985. Ryan and Tanner, two of Curts sons, are now in position to carry on the family legacy. Our philosophy is still, good enough is never good enough. While we no longer mandrel bend in house, we still offer a complete compliment of mandrel bent services. These mandrel bent systems are from companies we all know and trust like Magnaflow, Flowmaster, Borla and Dynomax just to name a few. If a kit is not available we can still cut & weld up a mandrel system in aluminized or stainless material. Give us a call today to inquire about a mandrel bent system for your performance car or truck.

Hogan Muffler & Brake builds custom exhaust systems from stock to high performance. We also use a Huth exhaust bender for our conventional press bent custom pipe work and can go as large as dual 3 inch exhaust (capable of supporting 600+ horsepower) to 1 ½ inch stock Hyundai and Geo exhaust. We custom build crossover pipes or install mandrel X pipes. We install both direct fit and aftermarket catalytic converters that are OBDII compliant and can usually save you a significant amount of money using aftermarket OBDII cats with the same 2 Year or 25000 mile warranty. We stock Magnaflow, Street Max, Flowmaster, Street Flow and Dynomax mufflers for our high performance applications. Our inventory consists of the largest selection of stainless steel exhaust tips in Topeka as well as stainless steel performance mufflers for your import performance vehicles.

Hogan Muffler & Brake can build exhaust systems for just about anything! We have built systems for airplanes, generators, motorcycles, small engines, boats, large equipment, diesels, vintage and exotic vehicles, and sports cars. Installing one of our custom performance exhaust systems will increase your gas mileage as well your performance!

We also do 4 and 5 inch diesel systems as well as mandrel bent systems with stainless steel as an option. Our diesel kits have stainless steel tip options, muffler options, and usually there are 3 or 4 options for any given make and model. Most of our kits are turbo back, which replaces the entire exhaust system from the engine to the tailpipe. We can help lower your EGT readings as well as increase gas mileage, horse power and torque!

Why Get A Custom Performance Exhaust?
Get the most horsepower, torque and throttle response out of your car, truck or SUV with a custom performance exhaust system. Hogan Muffler & Brake do not skimp on materials while constructing their performance exhaust systems. You can get large diameter mandrel-bent steel or stainless steel piping connected to a durable, high-flow muffler for impressive power gains, and an equally exciting sound. Plus, your custom performance exhaust includes a stunning chrome-plated stainless steel tip that'll never discolor or corrode.

Standing behind our work, and at the same time offering our customers peace of mind, is what we're all about  That's why at Hogan Muffler & Brake we have extensive warranties for all the auto repair services offered.  Read more about the warranties.