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Mandrel Bending

Hogan Muffler & Brake is one of the few muffler shops in The United States, and the only one in Kansas, Missouri, or Nebraska with a mandrel exhaust tubing bender. As a matter of fact, prior to purchasing this equipment in 2006, we were unable to find another muffler shop with this technology anywhere between the Rocky Mountains and the Mississippi River. Mandrel bent tubing is the best possible option for exhaust fabrication because there is no deformity of the tube in the bend radius. In other words for example, a tube that measures 3.00 inches will retain that size throughout the bend. A conventional muffler shop tube bender will reduce that same tube to 2.50 inches or less in the bend area. So, why don’t all muffler shops use mandrel benders? The reason is the cost of a mandrel bender is at least 10 times the cost of a conventional press bender. Only those shops dedicated to offering the highest quality in exhaust service will commit to such a large expenditure.

Mandrel bending is a slightly more expensive option to press bending due to the cost of equipment as well as the process itself being more time consuming. Rest assured Hogan Muffler & Brake in Topeka will continue to offer both forms of bending to handle any exhaust project you might dream up, from cars to trucks and airplanes to boats, we have built exhaust for about anything you might imagine. The word can’t just is not in our vocabulary. From an Austin to a Zepher we have you covered.

Pipes & Power
Imagine if you will, blowing through a normal plastic drinking straw. Now bend that same straw at 90 degrees and try blowing again. The resistance you experience while blowing through the bent straw is the same effect a press bent pipe has on exhaust flow. Now try the same experiment with a flexible straw with the bendable elbow. This type of straw is like a mandrel bent pipe. Which straw do you think your engine would rather breathe through?

Mandrel Bending
The improved flow that comes from a mandrel bent pipe makes the pipes and systems superior. The mandrel bending process maintains a constant inside diameter, even through pipe bends. Flow area remains consistent, increasing flow more than 35% compared to stock, serrated bent pipes. The illustrations below show the difference in between a press bent and a mandrel bent pipe. The dark shaded area shows the flow path in the bend of an exhaust pipe or tail pipe.

     Press Bent  Mandrel Bent

Hogan Muffler & Brake offers you a choice of standard press bent or mandrel bent pipes. Mig welding or gas welding. Aluminized or stainless steel tubing. We can mandrel bend 2 1/2", and 3", tubing on site and other sizes available by special order. No other muffler shop can give you that many choices.

Press bending a 3” pipe, reduces the flow in the bend area to 2.50 sq. inches, while mandrel bent pipes have a consistent flow area of 3.14 sq inches to maximize exhaust flow. Hogan Muffler & Brake highly recommends the use of Mandrel Bent pipes. If the power and performance of a mandrel bent system is not what you require, we will gladly build you a press bent system to save you a few bucks.

Standing behind our work, and at the same time offering our customers peace of mind, is what we're all about  That's why at Hogan Muffler & Brake we have extensive warranties for all the auto repair services offered.  Read more about the warranties.